The Smitten Chicken


We have wanted to do a blog like this forever! So now that hardly anyone blogs and you just use Pinterest or Instagram, we are going to launch this anyway! I will be posting at the beginning of the week (don’t judge me if it is 11:59pm Wednesday night:) and you get to hear from Rachel at the end of the week.

So what is The Smitten Chicken? Whelp, it is kind of a catch all for everything we like to do. We thought up catch phrases to go with our blog. For example, The Smitten Chicken – chicks who dig anything and everything OR The Smitten Chicken – diggin up some great stuff! And it just digressed even further from there! 🙂 There isn’t a real reason why we chose this name, we just thought it was funny. What can you expect from hanging out here? Projects we are working on, both around the house and anything crafty; pics or stories of kiddos here and there; some yummy recipes and just anything we may be smitten about!

Here comes the hardest part of the blog for me, introduction! I sort of hate introducing myself. So here goes- my name is Jen. I have 4 children- 3 girls and a baby boy. He is the reason I am always on Pinterest and fb. I am always feeding him! 6 weeks after he was born, we moved from California to Connecticut. I would suggest never doing that with a new baby! My husband is a CPA. So you will probably hear me complain about tax season come January. He works crazy hours that time of year. Oh yeah, I’m introducing me. 🙂 I love to sew! And do anything crafty! I am excited to show you some of my projects! Thanks for stopping by!