The Smitten Chicken

My name is Rachel…

      And I am addicted to crafting. I love sewing, crocheting, cross stitching….. Pretty much anything that will keep me away from house work. I despise doing dishes, laundry, and especially picking up everyone’s crap around my house. With 4 little boys (and one fully grown boy) tearing through my house you can imagine the amount of mess I am dealing with! My addiction doesn’t help my problem either. When I am working on a project my craft room looks like a tornado hit it. Ok, maybe not a tornado, I live in Oklahoma and I have seen destruction from a tornado…. but it does get pretty messy.
      Jen and I have been friends since our oldest kids were babies. Our husbands both attended the same college, and we became fast friends. After a couple of years (and a couple of babies) we all graduated and moved on. We now have lived in different states for longer than we ever lived by each other. We still talk every day, and it is honestly crazy to think that it has been 4 years since we lived in the same state.
     We seriously have been talking about doing this blog for over a year, and we are excited to finally get it going. Jen explained pretty well what this will be about. I am excited to share a little bit of my life and see what Jen is up to! Since Jen posted a picture of her wearing her moby…here I am in my moby with my baby. 🙂

Funny story: My mom was checking this blog and she saw the picture of Jen and her baby… and she said, “Is that a picture of you on the blog?” I had to laugh…. because if you saw us in person you would see that Jen is a GIANT and I am a SHRIMP. Good thing my mom didn’t even recognize me. Oh, by the way… have you ever read “The Selection?” It is pretty much one of my favorite book series I have read. It is like the royal edition of the bachelor. LOVE IT. The third book hasn’t come out yet, so I guess we will see how it ends. I wanted to buy Downton Abbey on DVD until I saw how they ended last season. I don’t know if they can come back from that. I will still watch it though. 🙂

One thought on “My name is Rachel…

  1. haha…glad I'm not the only one! At first I wondered why the post all about Jen had your picture on it. But you looked a little different so it was confusing 😀
    This is a fun idea, can't wait to see all the cool things you'll post.


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