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Vintage Quilt Eye Candy

I think I started a new love affair with vintage quilts.  It may help that I am spending WAY too much time on the Ipad these days while I feed the baby.  Ha, but it is a good excuse to just browse my little heart out!  I find blogs that have posted some. One of my favorite things is to search Ebay for vintage quilts.  Then I pin them all on my quilting board on Pinterest.!  And someday when Kev doesn’t think it is a big deal to spend $200 on a quilt, I may just bid on one. 🙂
My family took a trip to upstate New York to check out some of the historical sites for our church.  I went a bit nuts with the pictures!  I love historical sites!  I love imagining what life was like back then.  I love walking into homes that have been replicated and seeing all their cute dishes, furniture and you guessed it….QUILTS!  So here are a few pics from our trip! 
Enjoy the quilt eye candy!

 The Smith Home with my girls!

 Flying Geese, probably my fav!

 Isn’t this room so cute?  Sorry random man in my pic!  Guess I should have edited!

 Not a quilt, but I love this rug!  So cool!  And I will take this little sister missionary home with me! 🙂

 Pantry, wrong side kiddo!

 My other fav!  Don’t you love the throw on the end of the bed too?

 Close up

 The fam

 I want to take all those cute dishes!

 Love the red!

Not a quilt, but I can’t get over this chest!  So awesome!  Can I have it?  I think I should own a museum!

Random story, I was watching Antiques Roadshow the other day and they had a table on there from the 1700’s Colonial America!  I wanted it!  Then they said it was $300,000!!!!  Pretty sure I won’t be spending that much on a table!  Yikes! But it was cool!

So what is your favorite quilt?


One thought on “Vintage Quilt Eye Candy

  1. Okay. Gorgeous family. I'm so behind the times. Beautiful quilts as well, but your family tops them! P.S. Can you email me the temple you and Kevin got married in again? I'm following through on a long time ago promise. 🙂


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