The Smitten Chicken

Commitment Shy

I have some serious commitment issues with home decor. I just can’t commit to one style! Or color! Or theme! And then Pinterest was invented and it opens up a whole new world of options! I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It provides hours of entertainment while nursing a baby at 3 am. It also has so many great ideas! But maybe too many ideas! Now I really can’t make up my mind! And let’s be honest, with 4 kiddos running around, my house is NEVER going to look like that! 
I also blame it on being temporary. In 9 years of marriage, we have moved 9 times! So I never want to decorate because I am just going to pack it up again! 
Confession time. I have been packing pillow forms with me for 9 years! Because someday I will make pillows to match my super cute home decor and feel like I live on Pinterest Lane. 
I came across this video by Dana. Ps can I just be her? She is awesome! Anyway, she does an 8 minute video on making a pillow! Seriously 8 minutes? Now granted it takes a few more minutes than 8 (see previous post, crafting with children) but in a day I was able to make 2 pillows! 
Now I’m committed! My style? Modern? Chic? Who knows. But there are plenty of colors in there to go off of. And with 8 minutes at stake, I may even be able to change my mind!
Fabric is from Hobby Lobby