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The Chicken? Or the Egg?

It was college.  I was hanging out with my best friend.  We were both new moms with our first baby.  Our husbands were finishing up school.  We both loved to sew and craft.  (One of the many reasons we became best friends)  One night we were chatting about this new thing called blogging.  We thought it would be fun to document the projects we were working on.  After lots and lots of laughing, crazy suggestions, and more laughing the smitten chicken was born!

I don’t own chickens.  I never grew up on a farm.  I really have no idea where the smitten chicken came from, but it stuck!

Since that night in college, we have continued to share our crafting projects with each other.  We have had conversations like:

“I have a baby shower in 20 minutes!  Do you think I can get some hoodie towels made?”

Or  “My husband is out of town.  Am I crazy if I paint the dresser?”  (while I’m 8 months pregnant)

We have wanted to share our projects with others too.  Between the two of us we have 11 kids!  That is a whole new level of crazy and the main reason for the sporadic posting and crafting hiatus.

So here I am, 3 years later, dropping in.  The past three years have been a wild ride for me.  I’m hoping to share more about it in future posts.  The cliff notes version is: I became obsessed with quilting, had a rainbow baby, lots of family drama and have started a fabric collection.  (My husband thinks I’m hoarding)

And last of all, here is a cute pic of my rainbow baby on her rainbow quilt!

Chirp Out!



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