Frienship Quilt Along

The Friendship Quilt Along- Humorous

Hi and welcome to another week with the Friendship Quilt Along.  Today I am sharing my Humorous block.

hello lovelyThis quilt along has been so much fun!  Each of the names of the blocks reflects a quality in a friend.  I value my friends who can make me laugh!  If I didn’t laugh so much, I would probably cry.  Haha

Friendship QAL graphic iOS-100

You will need a few tools to complete this block.

First of all you, need a copy of the FREE pattern.  You can find it here.

Templates!  You can find the templates here.

Aurifil Thread.  You can find Amanda’s matching thread set here.

Heat n Bond!  I seriously can’t live without this stuff!  You can find it here.

Stabilizer.  You can find it here.

You can add buttons to this block.  I am waiting to add buttons until I quilt my quilt.  So the buttons won’t be pictured on my blog.  You can find the cute button pack here.

Now you have your supplies!  Are you ready?


First, trace your template on the back of your Heat n Bond.  Iron the Heat n Bond to the wrong side of your fabric.  Cut out the scallops on your traced line.

Then place your scallops on the piece of fabric.  Make sure you measure 1/4″ from the edges so the cute scallops don’t get cut off in your seam!

IMG_6952Then I blanket stitch around the scallops.  I also did a straight stitch on the edge of the applique about 1/8″ away from the edge.  This helps to secure the applique but it will be hidden in my seam allowance.

I use a piece of stabilizer behind each of my blocks.  This helps my stitches to stay even and not pull on the fabric.  Don’t forget to tear away the stabilizer when you are ready to assemble the quilt!

I had so much fun making these blocks!  Are you quilting along with us?

Chirp Out!


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