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Back to School T-Shirts

Its that time of year when we all head back to school.  There is a lot of back to school shopping between shopping for supplies and new clothes.  I have a fun new project to share today!  I made some cute t-shirts for my little boy to wear to his first day of kindergarten!


Supplies you need:


Start by preparing the fabric.  Cut the fabric slightly larger than the die.  Don’t forget you will need two wheels and two rims.  Then press the Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the fabric.


Next make your Sizzix Sandwich- mat, die, fabric and mat.  I folded the black and white fabrics in half to get two wheels and two rims.  Then run it through your machine.


Press your t-shirt in half to find the center.  Finger press the main car or truck piece in half to find the center.  Line up the half-way lines.  Place the wheels and rims where you want.  Then press into place.


After you iron the car into place, put a piece of Stitch n Sew on the wrong side of the shirt.  Then stitch around the car, matching threads with your fabric.  The back will look like this when you are done.  After you are done, you can tear away the Stitch n Sew.


And you are done!  Enjoy your new shirt for the first day of school!  Next up is a car and truck in every color according to my little guy!

Chirp Out!





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