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FPP (Foundation Paper Piecing) with Aurifil

Hi friends! I am back from summer…and moving! I will have to dedicate a blog post to the move, but for now I had to sneak in a quick FPP project.

Aurifil Artisan 2021

As an Aurifil Artisan, we get a ‘challenge’ every month to work on. I love this opportunity to try new techniques! I have recently discovered FPP (foundation paper piecing). As one of my first 2021 Aurifil Artisan projects, I made this FPP dog! I am falling in love with FPP! I had to jump on this month’s challenge…FPP!

Riley Blake Designs Confetti Cottons

I have a quilt that I designed (which I will share later) that needed some roses for the corners. I purchased this rose pattern by Jitka Designs. I gathered up my favorite ombre Riley Blake Confetti Cottons. From lightest to darkest:

Petal Pink



Piglet Pink

Super Pink

Riley Fuchsia

I also used two greens:



And of course Riley White for the background.

FPP rose

This rose turned out so cute! This was all made possible with my favorite Aurifil thread! I branched out this time and used pink instead of white. I used Aurifil 2405 in 50 wt. This Oyster color is such a light pink it works as a neutral. But I felt like if I was sewing up a pink rose, I better use pink thread too!

The 50 wt. glides through the fabric and paper! Because remember, this is FPP! I may switch to pink from here on out!

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Chirp Out!


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