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A Log Cabin-ish Quilt Fair with Riley Blake Designs

Hi! I’m so happy you are here today! I have been a huge fan of Tasha Noel for a long time! And I’m sew excited to share this project with you!

Quilt Fair fabric- photo courtesy of RBD

The little scenes from this Quilt Fair fabric are so adorable! Tasha knocked this one out of the park! She included quilt patterns and florals and even sweet strawberries. And I could not resist the little sewing machines! I used the pink sewing machines as my background fabric.

Log Cabin-ish quilt

I decided I needed to make another one of my Log Cabin-ish quilts. You can find the pattern here. I made a couple of holiday ones last year, but I needed a new quilty one! This pattern is so quick and shows off these adorable prints!

Log Cabin-ish block with favorite tools

I couldn’t make this quilt without some of my favorite tools! I love Aurifil thread and use it for all of my projects. My favorite color is 2021. Since I sew a lot with white, it matches everything.

I’m also obsessed with what I call the pressing dream team! I love my Oliso iron. It gets super hot and is small enough to keep right by my machine. After I press my blocks, I place the Riley Blake Designs quilter’s clapper on my seams. My seams are so flat! I love it! If you haven’t tried out the dream team, give it a shot!

Log Cabin-ish quilt

I love how this quilt turned out! The Quilt Fair prints just shine! And now I have a new quilt for my new sewing space!

Quilt swirl

I just had to share a fun quilt swirl pic with you! I love the way the Log Cabin-ish quilt looks in a swirl. All the blocks and colors coming together look so cool!

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Chirp Out!


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