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Alma Quilt QAL week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the Alma Quilt Along! How are you doing???

Alma Quilt QAL

We finished week one by choosing our fabrics. If you are still waiting for your fabrics to arrive because of shipping delays, no worries! This quilt comes together so fast! If you fall a little behind, it is so easy to catch up!

Colors 1-3

This week we are cutting and assembling colors 1 through 3 of the Alma quilt. I really like the ombre look, so I started with the darkest color as number 1.

Rainbow Baby Alma

Now if you are making a Rainbow version of this quilt, one thing to consider is the dominant color. Color number 5 is the largest heart in the quilt. So whatever you decide as number 5 will be the majority of the quilt. I really love pink, so in my rainbow version, I had pink be color number 5 so more of my quilt would be pink. Make sense?? Just something to keep in mind while you are deciding which colors to pick.

Alma Quilt

Good luck assembling the first three colors! And don’t forget to post your progress on Instagram! Post a pic on Instagram and use the hashtag #almaquiltqal to be entered for the prizes! This week, we are giving away some fabric goodies from Simply Love Quilts (one of my favorite online quilt shops!) They even have quilt kits if you still need one!

Make sure you are following along on Instagram and Facebook!

Chirp Out!


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