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Aurifil Artisan Challenge- Inspired by Flowers

Hi! It’s Jen and I’m stopping in to share a fun project I have been working on! Every month, the Aurifil Artisans have a challenge that we get to work on. March is to be a project inspired by flowers. I have a lot of fun and pretty floral fabric that I had planned to use for this project. But life has a tendency to NOT go according to plan. At the beginning of the year, I broke my foot. And then just when I was finally recovering from that I ended up having surgery (not related to the foot…ugh!) So there has been little to no sewing for me. So what does an Aurifil Artisan do while recovering from surgery??? Hand stitching with their amazing floss!

Daisy Chain Sampler

Now I started this Daisy Chain Sampler FOREVER ago! But I could never finish it because I didn’t have time to sit and stitch. Well, now I am like 5 letters away from finishing this thing all thanks to surgery! And isn’t that letter C so sweet? I had so much fun stitching this one!

Letter Q

I didn’t do in alphabetical order. I just picked whatever letter and color I felt like working with. I thought I would share my most ‘flowery-ist’ (I’m just going to make up that word…haha) letter. I love the letter Q and all those little white daisies. Aren’t they the sweetest?

Letter P

Since you could see a sneak peek at the letter P, I had to share a close up. Don’t tell the others, but I think the letter P is one of my favorites. This P ombre is so much fun! I followed the hashtag #daisychainsampler and found tons of great inspiration and different ways to create these letters.

Letter J (and I)

The last two I wanted to share are the letter I and J. First of all, my name starts with a J…Jen! I am always partial to that letter. So I had to stitch it up in one of my favorite colors. And I couldn’t believe how great this letter I turned out! It is so sweet with the little daisy as the top of the letter. I love it.

Well I’m off to stitch my last letters! I can’t wait to show this when it is FINISHED!!!

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Chirp Out!


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