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Block 6: Fair and Square- Threadology Quilt Along

Welcome to Block 6 for the Threadology Quilt Along! I think it’s funny that today (April 15) the block is called Fair and Square. My husband is a CPA so tax day is always a big deal around here. And we want everything fair and square!

The Fat Quarter Shop has the free pattern or YouTube tutorial for the construction of these blocks. I am using the Quilt Kit which has sold out. The Fat Quarter Shop has provided all of the fabric requirements you need to use the Snippets Fabric just like in the kit. I also used my favorite Aurifil Thread to stitch these up with!

If you have stopped by here before you may noticed that I have a thing with keeping my fabrics directional! Tip: Cut two of the rectangles horizontal and two of the rectangles vertical, like I did in the pic. (Don’t worry! You have plenty of fabric to cut it this way!) This will keep the fabric directional in these blocks.

Trimming up half square triangles

The center of these blocks are made up of half square triangles. I love using my homemade ruler to help square up the half square triangles. The washi tape nestles into the seam and I get a perfect trimmed square.

Don’t forget, The Fat Quarter Shop is taking donations for Make a Wish Central and South Texas for this pattern. They have almost reached their goal for the final quilt setting!

Block 6- Fair and Square

This Fair and Square block was super fun to make! And those tape measures! They are my favorite!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Fat Quarter Shop Quilt Along · Threadology Quilt Along

Block 5: Royal Star-Threadology Quilt Along

Hi! Welcome to Block 5 for the Threadology Quilt Along with Fat Quarter Shop! The FREE pattern can be found here or the YouTube tutorial can be found here.

All of my pieces cut out!

There are a few little pieces in this block. Tip: to keep myself organized, I use Fat Quarter Shop’s Alphabitties! These are so handy. If you don’t have any, you should get some! I used my Aurifil Thread to stitch these up!


There is a bit of trimming on these blocks. There are half square triangles and star points to trim up. I used my favorite Olfa Splash rotary cutter. You know the blocks will be super cute when the trimmings look this cute!

All trimmed up and ready to sew together!

All of my star points and half square triangles are trimmed up! Now to sew them together!

Royal Star Block

I love star blocks! These turned out so cute!

The Fat Quarter Shop is donating to Central and South Texas Make-A-Wish Foundation. You can donate too! This charity quilt along has been so much fun!

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Fat Quarter Shop Quilt Along · Threadology Quilt Along

Block 4: Churn Dash- Threadology Quilt Along

Today I get to share Block 4 of the Fat Quarter Shop Threadology Quilt Along! I love classic blocks and the churn dash block is one of my favorites! (Shhh don’t tell the others!) You can find the free pattern here or the YouTube tutorial here.

Are you quilting along? I am using the Threadology quilt kit that is full of the cutest Little Snippets fabric by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. These cute quilt kits are all sold out, but the Fat Quarter Shop has all of the Little Snippets fabric you need to make this quilt!

Little Snippets fabric all cut out ready to make some half square triangles.
Ready for some half square triangles!

The churn dash block is one of my favorites. I like to assemble my half square triangles first. I love this Aurifil thread to piece with.

Trimming my half square triangles

My favorite tip is for trimming half square triangles. I made my own Half Square Triangle ruler with an Olfa ruler and a few layers of washi tape. After I assemble the half square triangles, I press them towards the dark side. Then I trim them down. The washi tape rests against the diagonal seam and helps to trim these up nice and square. I also use a rotating mat when trimming. So I just rotate the mat as I trim them up! How do you assemble your half square triangles?

Block 4- Churn Dash

I love this block! It is seriously one of my favorites! And I just love that measuring tape print! I need to get it in ALL the colors!

The Fat Quarter Shop is asking for a $5 donation to Make a Wish Central and South Texas for this quilt along. We have almost reached our goal of $20,000! So awesome!

Are you quilting along with the Threadology Quilt Along?

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Fat Quarter Shop Quilt Along · Threadology Quilt Along

Block 3: Shooting Squares- Threadology Quilt Along

Yay it’s March! And that means it is time for another block in the Threadology Quilt along with the Fat Quarter Shop. I am making my blocks with the Quilt Kit, but it is sold out! No worries, all of the fabric requirements are listed here for this quilt. Then you can get the Little Snippets fabric that you need to make this cute quilt.

All of my fabric is cut out!

The Shooting Squares block pattern can be found here. Or you can watch the YouTube tutorial here. I used my favorite Aurifil thread to piece these blocks.

Four-patch blocks for the center

The Shooting Squares block start as sweet four-patch blocks. To get my squares to line up I use my favorite fork pins! I use these all the time and they are my favorite!

Tip: These blocks are actually on point. I laid out all of my fabrics before I sewed them together. I guess I’m a little OCD and I like to keep my fabric all directional!

Block 3- Shooting Squares

These blocks need trimmed to size when you are done sewing. Make sure to keep a 1/4″ seam on each side. This will help when you go to assemble the quilt top.

And you are done! I love these blocks! Fat Quarter Shop is raising money for Make a Wish Foundation Central and South Texas with this quilt along. You can donate here. We are so close to having one more bonus setting for this quilt!

Thanks for following along! Are you sewing too?

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Jolly Bar Bon Bons Quilt

Have you used a Jolly Bar on a project before? Jolly Bars are a Fat Quarter Shop exclusive precut. They are 5″x 10″ rectangle precuts. Today I get to share a new pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop using a Jolly Bar. Its called the Jolly Bar Bon Bons Quilt. Yum! You can find the free pattern here. Or the YouTube tutorial here.

Making Half Square Triangles

I typically will use a white background when making quilts. I decided to try the opposite! I used one of my favorite floral prints from the fabric collection Smitten by Bonnie and Camille for Moda for the background. I used a Bella Solid White 97 for the Jolly Bar. (P.S. Its on sale this month!) This is my ‘go-to’ white. It matches all Bonnie and Camille prints perfectly!

Directional Fabric

I might have a little bit of OCD and I like my fabrics to all be facing the same direction. These kind of prints are called directional. So when you have a directional print like my background fabric, it can prove to be challenging. Here are a few things that I do to help me keep my fabric going all the same direction. First, you need to find the ‘correct’ direction. Sometimes I just decide on my own if I like the fabric one way verses the other direction. Other times I will look at a photo from the manufactures like the above pic.

Next I pick the flower (or other design element) I’m going to follow. I have circled the above flower that I picked. Now every time I cut out or sew together blocks, I check first to see where this flower is and make sure the navy portion is facing down.

Cutting can be a bit tricky when you are trying to keep your fabrics directional. I had to cut my background fabric two different ways. For example, one of the background pieces is 3 1/2″ x 7 1/2″. I cut a number of strips 3 1/2″ and then subcut them into 7 1/2″ pieces. The other half, I cut 7 1/2″ strips and subcut 3 1/2″ pieces. Does that make sense? Keep the piles separate and always look for ‘your flower’ before you sew them together. And guess what? My entire background is going the same direction! Whew!

Fork Pins!

If you have stopped by here before, you have seen me post about Fork Pins! They are amazing! If I am trying to match seams, I always use these. I have had to use my seam ripper less because these are so accurate. They hold both side of the seam so there is no sliding as I sew. If you don’t have some, you seriously NEED these!!!

Jolly Bar Bon Bons Quilt

I just love the way this turned out! You can really see the cute Bon Bons pop against the floral background. And if you look close, ALL of my background is the same direction!

Quilt Swish

A quilt swish is one of my favorite ways to show off a new quilt. And look at that cool pattern!

Thanks for following along today! If you haven’t given directional fabric a try, you should! I love the way a quilt looks when all the fabrics are going the same direction. Do you keep your prints directional when you sew? I’d love to hear!

Chirp Out!


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Block 2: Nine- Patch- Threadology Quilt Along

Today is Block number two for the Fat Quarter Shop Quilt Along! Are you sewing along? The cute kit is sold out, but Fat Quarter Shop has lots of Smitten fabric in stock if you would like to make one!

All of my pieces are cut out!

I love a classic nine-patch block. It is just squares! And I used my favorite Aurifil thread for my blocks.


Pay close attention to the pressing directions on the pattern. This will help your seams to nest. My biggest tip is: FORK PINS!!! These are an absolute game changer! I place one pin on one side of the seam, and the other part of the pin on the other seam. And my seams don’t move! Perfectly nested every single time! I would constantly unpick to get my seams just right. And now, I hardly have to unpick. Seriously get some!!!

Block two: Nine-patch

Aren’t these so cute! I love this block! You can find the pattern here or the YouTube video tutorial here. These blocks are a free download but Fat Quarter Shop is asking for a donation to Make a Wish! We have almost raised enough to unlock a new setting for this pattern! Yay!

I hope you are sewing along too! Thanks for stopping by!

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Fat Quarter Shop Quilt Along · Threadology Quilt Along

Block 1: Ohio Star- Threadology Quilt Along

Welcome to the first week of the Threadology Quilt Along! I am excited to be sewing along with the Fat Quarter Shop for this quilt along.

Threadology Happy Mail!

I got this super cute kit from the Fat Quarter Shop. It has all the supplies you need to make the top, binding and even the pieced blocks for the back! I hear they are sold out, but I linked the Snippets collection by Bonnie and Camille to make your quilt too!

And the inside!

Aren’t these fabrics so cute? This kit came with a little box of aurifil thread to use on the quilt too! I just love it!

All my pieces are cut and ready to go!

The first block is the Ohio Star Block. You can download the pattern or view the YouTube video on how to assemble these blocks. Here are all of my blocks cut out and ready to go! Do you see that super cute box of Aurifil thread? I love it!

Hourglass units all made!

The first part of assembly is the hourglass units. Tip: If you sew one half square triangle one direction and the other half square triangle the opposite direction, you can keep you prints directional when you make them into hourglass units. I wanted to keep that cute tape measure fabric going the right direction!

Ohio Star Blocks

Here are my blocks all done! I had so much fun putting these together. I can’t wait to see this whole quilt!

Thanks for following along with me today. Are you participating in the Threadology Quilt Along? The pattern is free but Fat Quarter Shop is asking for a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation. Its for a good cause and you get a cute quilt in the process. Win, win!

Chirp Out


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Heart’s Delight Blog Remix

If you have stopped by my blog before, you probably realize I have an obsession with banners! I love to decorate with them for the holidays. I have a super fun and quick tutorial to share with you today! And its all Valentines Day! This is part of the Fat Quarter Shop Blog Remix! Do you want to make one too?

Valentine’s Banner

Supplies you will need:

Heart’s Delight Makin It Cute Templates

Layer Cake, Charm Pack or Scraps from your stash

Spray n Bond Fusible Adhesive

HeatnBond Adhesive Spray

One Button

Embroidery Floss



To make the Valentine heart, check out the YouTube Video by Fat Quarter Shop and Me and My Sister Designs.

Supplies you will need!

I chose to dig through my Bonnie and Camille scraps to find my favorite pinks and reds!

I found the cutest aqua canvas banner at Micheals. I quickly changed my mind (which happens a lot! haha) I decided to make a banner. So I had to include my favorite aqua print ever and a cute aqua polka dot button!

The start of my banner!

I sewed the heart onto the banner while I was sewing the button into the center of the heart. Because of the size of my banner, I decided to leave off the last layer of the heart. I still think it is so cute! And if you look really close, you can see at the bottom of the heart the word create! What a happy accident! Creating is one of my loves, so it seemed fitting to be on my heart!

Making letters for the banner!

To make the letters, I cut them out on my Silhouette. You can cut them out by using this SVG file for FREE! I adhered HeatnBond to the back of my white fabric. Then I cut it out with my Silhouette. Then press the letters to the banner. And you are done!

Valentine’s Banner all done!

Enjoy your new Valentine banner! Thanks for following along with me!

Chirp Out!


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Layer Cake Custard Quilt

What kind of pre-cut do you collect?  Honestly, I would love a fat quarter bundle, but usually that is not in the budget.  So I collect layer cakes.  They are a good amount of fabric with lots of possibilities.  I then have a hard time deciding which pattern to make.  I was excited to participate in the Fat Quarter Shop Quilt Along and make this super cute Layer Cake Custard Quilt.

You can find the YouTube tutorial here.


I chose to use Frost by Cotton and Steel.  I absolutely fell in love with this line when I saw it.  Those cardinals are my favorite!  But I was having a hard time cutting up this fabric.  That is the number one reason why I chose this layer cake for this pattern.  The Layer Cake Custard quilt shows off your favorite prints!


This quilt has so many fun prints!  Skiers, penguins, mice, snowflakes and my favorite cardinals.  I also like that this fabric line isn’t just Christmas-y prints.  I am planning on leaving this quilt out all through the blah January month.  Once I get it quilted that is.  Any tips on how to quilt this?  I really can only do straight line quilting.  Any ideas?

snapseed-16I love a good quilt swish!  I chose to use a white background.  I kept imagining snow while I was stitching this up.  This quilt was definitely getting me into the holiday spirit!


Here is the whole quilt!  I love all of the different prints!  And I am happy that I didn’t have to chop them up!  I also love the addition of pink to a winter quilt.  I have four girls so I love using pink in my quilts.

Thanks for following along!  Do you have a layer cake that is hard to cut up?  You should try out this pattern!  It is super fast and fun and keeps those precious prints front and center.

Chirp Out!


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Blog Remix- Pretty Pincushion

Do you need a quick project?  Or a fast gift for a quilty friend?  These pretty pincushions are the answer!  They are fast and super cute!  And who doesn’t need more pincushions in their lives?

This pincushion is part of the Fat Quarter Shop blog remix.  You can check out this YouTube video with Sherri McConnell and Kimberly from the Fat Quarter
Shop.  They walk you through the pincushion tutorial with lots of tricks and tips along the way.


The first step is to create a little patchwork.  I dug through my scrap bin and used up some of my favorite (and most hoarded) Bonnie and Camille fabric.  Some of these pieces I have been holding onto forever, like that original Ruby!


Most quilters stuff their pincushions with crushed walnuts shells.  But I am allergic to walnuts.  So I needed to find something else that was nut free.  I used poly pellets which worked great!  They added a weight to the pincushion so it won’t move on my work table.


Now I have a pretty pincushion to use while I work!  It really is cute as a button!  The Fat Quarter shop sells the cutest twill ribbon with fun sayings to use on your pincushion.  I also used my matching Bonnie and Camille Aurifil Thread to stitch this up!

So what are you waiting for?!?  Grab your favorite scraps or a mini charm pack and you can make one of these too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Chirp Out!