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Hi friends! Happy New Year! I always love the start of the new year. I take some time throughout the month of January to look back at the previous year and set some new goals. I have some fun things planned this year! So stay tuned!

One of the main goals I am working on in January is getting organized! Our Aurifil Artisan challenge for the month is Sew Organized. My Aurifil thread was one of the main things that needed organized.

Aurifil Thread Storage

I found this great shelving piece at Micheals. Since I have different weights of thread and sizes, a typical spool holder didn’t work for me. I grouped the thread together by weight and then by color. The bottom is where you will see all of my floss. I do have a few spools of Aurifil weight 28 thread. They are in the bottom corner. I have a fun project planned with the 28 wt. thread coming up! I’ll give you a hint- 28 wt. thread is great to emphasize quilting!

Aurifil Thread Sizes

I posted on Instagram recently that I started an Aurifil Cone! I store my cones on top of my shelf. I use Aurifil 2021 so much, I decided it was time to switch to a cone! The smaller spools (like my 28 wt.) are great for when you want to try out a new color or have a smaller project.

The rest of my shelf is my Aurifil 50 weight thread. I use this the most for piecing and quilting! I have them all grouped by color!

Aurifil Spreadsheet

Now let’s get a little nerdy! I like to keep track of what spools of thread I have and which ones I have used up! So I made a spreadsheet (with the help of my CPA husband:) This helps me stay organized! This is just a sample page. It’s like 13 pages long!

Aurifil Thread Chart

One of my favorite things (and you can see it to the right of my Aurifil storage) is my Aurifil Thread Chart. I order everything online these days. But I really want my thread to match! When I place an order, I have my thread chart out and my spreadsheet so I can stay nice and organized!

Plan to Quilt

My other favorite organization tool is my Plan to Quilt planner! I put everything in here! I usually have multiple projects going at one time. This planner keeps each project separate with all the information I need. Shannon is offering 10% off to all of my readers! Use code SMITTENCHICKEN at checkout! If you haven’t tried it, check it out!

Plan to Quilt details

One of my favorite parts of this planner is this section about thread! There are so many different weights of thread by Aurifil. And colors! This section helps me remember which thread I was using.

How is your January organization going? Mine is Thread-tastic! Now I’m off to sew!

If you would like to see more of what I am up to, you can follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and my new YouTube channel!

Chirp Out!


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