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Valentine’s preschool craft

I do a preschool at my house for my little girl and her friends. All the moms take turns teaching. It is great! 

Last week, we started getting ready for Valentine’s day.  Here is a quick ‘how-to’ to make these cute Preschool Valentine’s Day frames. 

I found these cute heart frames at Michaels. I painted all of the frames white. 

Then I cut out hearts from a sponge. I just used a kitchen sponge. Don’t worry, it was a new one! 

Then the kids dipped the sponges in different colors of paint. I used red and two different shades of pink.  

I used my Silhouette to cut out the letters. I used one of my favorite fonts called annoying kettle. 

I replaced the ‘o’ and the dot on the ‘i’ with a heart. The shape I used is the heart stamp. I ungrouped the shape and deleted everything except the center heart. Then I copied the heart. One I made smaller to make the dot on the i. The other heart I resized to be the o. 

I used Mod Podge to attach the letters to the frame. Then I let the kiddos finish decorating with some Valentine’s stickers. Each child got a lady bug sticker to put on her frame to go with our little love bug!

Last of all, I took each of the girls pictures and printed them out. Then I put them in a frame to give to their moms. Cute, right? I had so much fun making these with the kids. 
And now I have a cute picture to go with my Valentine decorations!

One thought on “Valentine’s preschool craft

  1. This is your cousin Joanna. This is so cute! I also teach preschool for my daughter and three of her friends. I haven't done any craft as cute as this, but I love it. What else do you do for your preschool?


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